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Digital Marketing is the marketing of businesses, people, products or services using digital technologies.

As digital platforms are increasingly incorporated into marketing plans and everyday life, and as people use digital devices instead of visiting physical shops, digital marketing campaigns are becoming more prevalent and efficient.

Text Messaging

A simple (yet very effective) form of digital marketing is to capture your clients cell phone numbers and text them specials to encourage them to book or buy with you.

The standard Digital Marketing setup a few years ago was…


  • Build Website (Ensure SEO work is done) Search Engine Optimisation. Register on Google My Business

  • Build database (CRM) Customer Relationship Management system. e.g. HubSpot, Capsule. Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor.

  • Capture client email addresses - Send them weekly, monthly or quarterly newsletters using tools above

  • Drive more traffic to your website using Google AdWords, Social Media, Newsletters

  • Promote your website via physical advertising e.g. Car signage, Signage, Newspaper or Magazine advertising, Radio Advertising, Television Advertising, Email marketing

  • Engage PR company to get your business in the media

Ten+ years ago Newsletters would get an ‘open rate’ of 70-80% which was great. Today if you get a 30% open rate of your newsletter you are doing very well.

The new Digital Marketing setup includes (all of the above and the following)

  • Build Facebook business page (treat this like a second website) then build a ‘following’ to advertise to

  • Join Facebook Groups and/or LinkedIn Groups to share marketing with potential clients

  • Write ‘great content’ and support this with Video or high-quality images to attract customers. Use this on your website, social media sites, newsletters

  • Use Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to drive traffic to your website (or Business Facebook page)

  • Use a chatbot to capture clients messenger accounts. Message them on a regular basis with specials and reminders. The chatbot can be used via your website and Facebook pages.
    NB: Chatbot messaging is recording open rates of 80-90% currently (May 2019) Example: Manychat

  • Use a Chat service on your website so clients can message you instantly. Example: Chat by Drift

  • Join a digital marketplace and leverage the power of a marketplace to help promote your business

  • Create a Blog (either separately on your website or as a standalone website) Example:

  • Build your own YouTube Channel.

  • Create a Podcast. Example: Buzzsprout

Before you feel too overwhelmed you only need to master a small selection of these to make a real difference to your business. The key is to work through what you think will be most effective and give them a try. If you need a hand contact Tony Cutting

TONY’s BIG TIP: There are a lot of tools that will get marketed to you to help you take short cuts like posting across all our social media accounts at once. This is generally seen as ‘Lazy Posting’ and given each platform has its own unique characteristics not a wise thing to do.

Take the extra 15 minutes a day and post authentic & different content to your different social media accounts.

Plan for success.