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Found via your PC/MAC at this social media app was once the king of social media apps. It is still used a lot by celebrities and politicians and can be useful for getting your brand out to people who may not necessarily be using Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

I rate Twitter as a more strategic tool as you can get seen by a lot of people if you choose the right ‘trending’ topics and #hashtags

However, you need to be careful how you use this app so as not to damage your brand.

Like Instagram I focus my Twitter activity through a personal account but do have business accounts just in case someone finds them in a search.

280 Characters

The big thing with Twitter is it is limited to 280 Characters including your #hashtags which means short and sweet message only. You can add video and images, and these may help get your tweet noticed.


Posting on Twitter

With only 280 Characters you need to get creative. I recommend you start off using Twitter to drive people to your website. As you get more confident you will start to track conversations and connect and message other users who may become ‘Twitter Allies’ and retweet your info and help promote you.

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Strategic Tweeting

By following trends and/or #hashtags you can track potential people to connect to or message. In the image on the right WELLINGTON is trending so this would be a great opportunity for a lot of local businesses to scroll through the tweets and find people to ‘Follow’.

NB: Protocol with Twitter is generally to see who is following you and reciprocate the follow and help each other grow.

You may find opportunities to message people. Be thoughtful when you use this tactic.

Example: For the Diabetes Clinic I regularly search tweets for ‘Diabetes’ as quite a few people mention they have just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or a friend has.

I message them via my personal page

“Checkout hope this helps”