Maximising Potential - Angela Robertson 

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Everyone has the potential to achieve

I believe everyone has the potential to achieve their goals and aspirations and truly flourish.

It’s the most wonderful thing in the world to inspire people to capitalise on their strengths, apply them to new challenges and see them shine.

Sadly, few recognise their own potential, and how to develop it, and without realising it we settle for less than we had hoped for.

Often this insight occurs when we make a life or work transition. It’s when we take stock of our situation, contemplate the future and question What’s Next?

My work takes me across New Zealand. I work with individuals and teams with a compelling desire to stretch, grow, and engage in the new or enriched experiences that change presents. Enhancing the quality of people’s lives, work and relationships is the goal.

I work with organisations that genuinely value diversity, want their staff to thrive and can commit to planning, developing, and leveraging individual and collective potential to achieve shared goals.

How I can help

I create opportunities:

for people and organisations to explore possible futures (what could be)

to help people have the freedom to take ownership of their chosen direction

I help set the priorities and the route to take people where they want to go.

I generate enthusiasm and momentum and support people to realise their goals.

What’s next for you?

When you are ready to explore ways of maximising potential to achieve your goals, do get in touch.


I’ll look forward to talking with you about helping you on your journey from good to great.

Email me at

or call 027 633 2821