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We’re small enough to be personal, but big enough to offer you a full agency service. Why? Because we have 15 years + of experience in all aspects of visual communication and graphic design. 


Hello! I’m Sarah-Jayne, I have lots of titles. Graphic Designer, Creative, Visual Storyteller, Strategist, Mother, Business Owner, Artist, Curator, Wonder Woman, List Enthusiast (clearly).  My happiness comes from creating with purpose. This includes creating empowering connections, through ideas and design. Connecting you and your business to your customers and clients. I do this by doing what I do best –  working closely with you, providing creative ideas and producing quality design work that will have you and your customers feeling inspired!

When I’m not working for Lemonface Design, I’m working on creating change around issues dear to my heart. The most recent being creating and curating the No Shame No Silence exhibition. You can find out more about this project at www.noshamenosilence.co.nz

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Hi I’m Sean, and I guess I’m a Project Manager but I’m not really one for titles. I like producing things from scratch, I like taking things on that others don't want to touch and perhaps most of all I absolutely love seeing my work come to life, and my work has come to life in many guises over the last decade and beyond. I love the smell of ink, I love handling paper, I love haggling. I love brainstorming, I love suggesting alternatives, I love making jobs possible when the budget screamed otherwise. I love organising events, and I have co-ordinated events on a local, national and in the case of Rugby World Cup 2011 a global level. I love coming up with ideas, some have been terrible, some have resulted in ground-breaking and award winning work. I love what I do. I’m the offsider to Sarah-Jayne. Put simply she designs things and then I make them happen.

We're a one stop shop. We design, execute and produce.

You may know what you want, you may not. You may have a brand that needs tickling or you may not have a brand at all. Could be that you don't know what a brand is or what it entails. Or what it can do for your business. The good news is that we do. We'll tell your story, we'll shout it from the rooftops through clever, targeted, bespoke and thoughtful design. Ink on paper, pixels on a screen. Whatever your design requirements are, we'd love to talk.

Find out more visit our website http://www.lemonfacedesign.com