TRAINING - Instagram


Instagram is a phone based social media app. It is massively popular with people under the age of 35 and this popularity is set to grow to those over 35 in the months to come. 

The biggest thing to remember is Instagram is more of a personal social media platform. So you may get better results using your personal account to promote the ‘whole’ you - work, life, interests etc than just setting up a business Instagram.

I personally recommend using both the personal approach as well as having a separate business Instagram.


With Instagram (As in the image on the right) your profile builds a wall of images that provided they are interesting will help attract more people to ‘follow’ you.

What does your visual wall look like? Is it interesting? 

Posting on Instagram

When we post on Instagram, we still follow the main advertising rules (hook, content & call to action) except for keeping our text to a minimum and let the image do the work.

For example (based on image to the right)

Looking for a healthy lunch?

Try Kafe Oranje in Plimmerton and ask for this awesome tasting keto bowl.

#healthylunch #foodies #healthyfood #plimmerton #wellington #kafeoranje #newzealand

NB: As well as our advert we MUST ad #hashtags. This is how people find posts they may be interested in. In this example we are looking for people searching on healthy lunches in our location.

People also subscribe to (Follow) their favourite #hashtags so by using these regularly you will pick up followers interested in your business, product or service.

All Kapiti Now members should also remember to use the #kapitinow hashtag.

Feel free to read my article on Instagram HERE

Building your Followers

Using Instagram, you can also build your followers by contacting people with similar interests (using the message option). Find these people searching on #hashtags. Follow them then send a genuine message (not a cut and paste you send everyone).

The message will be something like Hi <super faster> I really like your post about avocados. I am interested in healthy food as well; did you want to form a marketing partnership and follow each other and share each other’s posts? I would be happy promoting your Instagram to my contacts.

NB: You may need to contact a lot of people before getting a ‘yes’ and it is best to find people in your local region unless you have a product /service that can be used all over the world and shipped or delivered easily.

The general protocol is - you build your followers; you will then be able to leverage these to connect with others with similar (followers) numbers and as you grow you can connect with bigger accounts and this will grow your account quicker.

Happy Instagramming.