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Balanced Nutrition & Fitness "Creating happy and healthy lifestyles for you and your family''
Megan O’Mara - Degree Qualified Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer (REPs registered)

Health and fitness plays a large part in my life.  I was fortunate to grow up in an environment that prioritised healthy living and an active lifestyle.  I spent much of my upbringing swimming, skiing and participating in a variety of different sports from squash & netball to club swimming, biking and triathlons.

Mega O’Mara

Mega O’Mara


I always knew that what we ate played a big part of having energy to do many of the things I loved to do.  It wasn’t until I became part of the working world, started travelling, and was still invested in an active lifestyle, where I had easy access to all food and drink that I realised how easy it was to not provide my body what it needed and how quickly the body and mind is affected.   Balancing the demands of life and self-control has been a behaviour I’ve needed to learn, but I still have moments of struggle.  It is these moments that led me to study in an area I feel passionate about. 
My experience has helped me shape a lifestyle that gives me energy and allows me to focus on myself and the ones I love. This also allows me to provide the support and guidance to change behaviours, create healthy lifestyles and ensure the body is receiving the appropriate mental and physical fuel needed to achieve what we want.   
I am a long-time resident of the Kapiti Coast where I have created an amazing lifestyle with my husband and 3-year-old daughter. I discovered being a mum is one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences of my life.  
Bringing a comprehensive approach to nutrition is key and I tailor programs to suit each and every one of my clients.  
I offer a mobile service or have a private home gym space and office.  I focus on one-to-one consultations for both nutrition & fitness but also work with couples and small groups.  

Healthy Lifestyle eating and wellness is my primary focus. Clients come to me feeling sluggish, tired and many wanting to lose weight.  I always say the best outcome is to feel well again, have energy and love life, the weight loss will be the bonus that will follow.  Life is all about balance and it is important to include those aspects in your plan that you love.  

My experience is working with irritable bowel syndrome, women’s health, maternal and child nutrition and weight issues.  Routine and planning is key to good nutrition.  As a keen triathlete and all round active person I give advice on eating for particular fitness events.  I have been an active participant of the Kapiti Women’s Triathlon for many years as well as being the nutritionist for participants.  

I am available for seminars/group presentations regarding nutrition & wellness.   


As a nutritionist I had many clients ask about exercise and what they should be doing, with many saying they were going to find a trainer.  I realised there was a market for me to add this to my list of offerings.  I now get double the enjoyment seeing my clients find benefit in both nutrition and training and this is what keeps me doing the job I do.  

Training focus is about getting your body moving the right way for you.   Core strength, strength endurance, pelvic floor, post pregnancy fitness and circuit training for an all over workout are the main areas I deal with.  

At home with children - no problem.  As a mum to a toddler I know how you feel when when you’re stuck at home with sick kids, school holidays or not a kindy day.  My services are flexible to accommodate.  

There is a range of nutrition & training packages to suit individual needs. 

I offer a relaxed environment for all my clients.  Working out should be an enjoyable experience, also I am a health consultant that one can trust with their issues so a warm heart is what you’ll receive.  If it is guidance, motivation and accountability you are after then I can help.  


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