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Tutere Gallery & Creative Space

Tutere Gallery opened its doors in the spring of 2016 but its story began some five years prior when a girl fell in love with a run down, 90 year old bach that had been vacant for some time and somehow managed to convince her husband to buy it. He thought she was mad but all she could see was potential.

First up, the location was absolutely perfect for a gallery; it was just up the street from some wonderful cafes and just a few metres from the beach. The building itself was tired, yes it was, but it was also full of character and quirks which she thought were terribly charming but also gave it an unpretentiousness that would help people relax and feel welcome. Importantly the light was good for showing the artwork, or it would be once a few modifications were made and she was certain that she had heard it whisper to her one day that it had quite enjoyed its heyday in the 50’s when it was a tea rooms and longed to be filled once again with peoples laughter and chatter.

Kate identified with this feeling as she herself had spent many years longing, longing for a space in which to paint again, in fact she was scared that she may have forgotten how! And so it seemed destined to be, that the old bach and the girl, would join together and help each other work towards realising their dreams.


Tutere Gallery has a strong philosophy which revolves around ‘Connection’, and we are always working to ensure that the three main functional areas of the gallery support this philosophy.

The Gallery Space contains purposefully curated works from only local Kapiti artists or those demonstrating a very strong connection to the Kapiti region. Currently we showcase the work of around 25 artists in a wide variety of media, we aim to have work of a very high standard and work that complements rather than competes with each other.  It is important that within the gallery space these art works are able to ‘breathe’ and convey their stories to the people who visit the gallery so that those visitors may truly connect with the artist and their work.

If you are an artist residing in Kapiti and looking for gallery representation, please get in touch for a chat.

The Community Space recognises the importance of having an available exhibition space within the community which supports and enables a diverse range of groups to connect with a wider audience creatively.  It is an important function of the gallery to support local schools, local clubs and groups, emerging artists and our youth with a space that allows them to tell their stories in their own way.  This leads to positive engagement within our communities, bringing people closer together through understanding and awareness.

It is also a space that from time to time showcases each of the gallery artists work through a solo exhibition, which allows visitors to connect more deeply with a particular artist and their work as they have the opportunity to hear more of their story.

If you have a creative project that may be suitable for the Community Space, then get in touch to see how we can help.

The Creative Space hosts a core range of classes throughout the year that are all about creativity and experimentation. These classes are above all else fun but are serious in their aim of taking people on an artistic journey to find their creative voice. This core range is supplemented throughout the year with exciting one off workshops run by some of the gallery artists. 

All levels of experience are welcome.

It is an important function of the Creative Space to connect people back to the physical act of making. It is also about connecting people with other people in a collaborative way as they create and interact with each other in the space.

If you are interested in classes, our website has some further information including a timetable or you can get in touch direct to see how we can help you.

So, when all three of these spaces work together as they have been designed to, then hopefully we shall succeed in our mission of connecting people to this beautiful place in which we live; through the wonderful artwork being produced here; through promoting inclusiveness within our community by proudly telling its stories and by connecting people to each other as they identify with and create their own stories together, side by side.


48 Tutere Street
Waikanae Beach, Waikanae, NZ, 5036

 +64 221 506 900