Time Genie



What We Do
Once upon a time… not so very long ago, there was a project manager called Heather Knewstubb. She lived in Waikanae, but travelled daily into Wellington to work. However, when the toilet leaked and she needed a plumber, or when a piece of furniture was being delivered she had to take annual leave to be around. When you live in Kapiti, you can’t just nip home for an hour!

It wasn’t always practical to work from home and even when in at work, lunch hours were spent going to the bank, collecting dry cleaning and shopping for birthday presents. Weekends were super busy trying to catch up with tasks around the house – including visiting her elderly mother and doing things for her... Heather realised there must be an easier way and lots of people out there like her, so she started Time Genie – a personal concierge business to serve the Kapiti area.

Time Genie has taken that project management professionalism, and applied it to people’s lives. Our services are fast, reliable and efficient. We can do what you need to be done – at a time to suit you. We don’t do everything ourselves (Heather would be the first to admit that she is rubbish at building and has a gardener for her own house), but for the things we don’t do, we know people that do, and will work with them to get the job done.

Our philosophy is simple: great service when you need it. Our aim is simply to make your life simple.


•  over-seeing deliveries
• collecting flowers, the cake, hire equipment, balloons
• managing the set up and clean up
•  rehearsal and ceremony assistance
• any special tasks needed at the reception

Before the big day:
•    researching photographers, entertainment, florists, catering, transport options that will it your budget.
•    hiring/booking above
•    researching and booking accommodation for out of town guests
•    sourcing anything you need such as extra chairs, glasses, lighting, sound systems.

On the day:
• over-seeing deliveries
• collecting flowers, the cake, hire equipment, balloons
• managing the set up and clean up
•  rehearsal and ceremony assistance
 any special tasks needed at the reception

Home Services
• organising handyman and small household repairs
• organising household maintenance
• organising household cleaning services – estimates and arrangements
• organising house sitting (including interviews and reference checking)
• organising tradesmen, getting quotes and being on-site to allow access
• nanny/baby sitting finding service including interviews and reference checking
• completing your ‘to do’ list
• grocery shopping
• laundry/drycleaning

Personalised services:

Organising baby showers, gifts, baby packs
• Errands/shopping for those unable to do it themselves
• Home/hospital/rest home visits to the elderly/infirm
• Transport to and from appointments
• Collecting prescriptions 
•Organising baby showers, gifts, baby packs
• Take pets to the vet

Property Services
• property management
• advertising
• meeting/vetting tenants
• undertaking inspections
• Air B n B management
• organising maintenance

Administration and business
•    Proofreading
•    Personal Word Processing (CVs, thesis, etc)
•    Spreadsheet and data entry
•    Filing
•    Internet research for hard to find items / services
•    Document delivery
•    Post office services
•    Office de-clutter

Relocation Services
• Organising quotes from moving companies
• Organising packing
• Searching for temporary accommodation
• Coordinating the move

School Services
• Shopping for school supplies
• Delivery of forgotten items to school (eg lunch, homework)
• Buying gifts for teachers
• Baking for school events

Pick-ups and drop offs for:
•    Warrants
•    Servicing
•    Grooming

Travel Services:
• Arranging/booking flights/accommodation/ rental cars/activities
• Airport transfers
• Arranging tours of Kapiti and collecting information about /local activities

While you’re away:
• plant care
• pet feeding
• clearing the mail box
• re-stocking supplies for your return

Special Occasions
Organising/planning a significant event (such as a milestone birthday; anniversary or graduation):
• sourcing venues
• sourcing catering
• arranging entertainment
• organising invitations
• organising thank you cards



E. heather@timegenie.co.nz

Phone: (+64) 022 394 8493

Website: http://timegenie.co.nz