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We are passionate about creating beautiful custom videos and content for you, your business or for your loved ones. We specialize in finding the heart and unique character behind every video subject, and creating videos and multimedia content that match your needs.


We believe that business comes from the heart. Finding the unique soul of a business is what we do best.


It is our passion to create gorgeous video memories of your loved ones. From births to eulogies, we can be there every step.

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Film Maker and Creative Director
Ray began her life as a musician and studied both at Kings College London and then a further post grad in Electro-acoustic composition at NZSM. Video making was a secondary skill that Ray honed and developed as Creative Director for humanitarian documentary company, Stomp It Out Productions where she went on to win Best Doco award for her film, Undercover. Ray lives with her husband and animal family in Te Horo at their farm sanctuary, Soulhaven.

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