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Six must do's to get through Winter - Anna Mabey

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I read a quote last night in an amazing book I am reading (The 5am Club by Robin Sharma),

"The Well wear a crown of wellness that only The Ill can see".  Let that sit for a while and feel the impact of those words.

The thing is, it is extremely easy to take our "wellness' for granted, we feel well so we don't do anything about it and it is not until we feel unwell that we take action. On top of this, half the time “The Well” don't even feel the best they can, instead they accept that this is life and this is their lot - I’m talking putting up with less than adequate sleep, regular headaches, energy slumps, nausea, pain - these are things we learn to live with and count ourselves “Well”.

So how can we work to prevent illness and be well? We need to create a foundation of Well-Being.  If we have a strong foundation of well-being we are going to feel better in ourselves, our skin will be clearer, our sleep will be better, when we do feel unwell the symptoms will be less and we will recover faster.  By creating a foundation we are feeding our cells with health and reminding them how to repair and recover.

How can you create a solid foundation?

1. Make sure you are getting adequate and restorative sleep

Turn off devices and TV 30min before bed, turn down lights or have minimal lights on after sundown, incorporate meditation into your daily practise of wellness, diffuse essential oils that promote feelings of calm and relaxation

2. Base your nutrition on whole fresh foods

Shop the outside of the supermarket, avoiding the isles as much as possible.  Look for fruits and vegetables that are in season. Our bodies are attuned to the seasons so that means that our bodily functions like, digestion, are set up and act in preparation for the season we are in, eating foods that are in seasons will be easier to digest and have many more health benefits as well.  Meaning they were grown under stressful conditions and abnormal conditions as well. Another great way to stick to eating whole foods is to set up a weekly organic vege delivery. I have personally found doing this has saved us money.

3. Reduce toxic load in your home

Toxins in our home equal toxins in our body and toxins in our body equals systemic stress.  We can reduce this by opting for natural cleaners - white vinegar, baking soda and essential oils are my go to and can clean any surface in your home without the damaging effects of toxic synthetic cleaning products.

4. Reduce toxic load in your body by avoiding synthetic vitamins, skincare and perfume

What we put in and on our body affects our cells.  Synthetically made vitamins and minerals, skincare and perfumes can have a really damaging effect on our body.  These can cause headaces, hormonal imbalances, sleep deprevation, weight gain and more.

5. Take an excellent whole food, bioavailable supplement

Look for a wholefood, bioavailable supplement to support your foundation of well-being on a nutritional level.  My favourite is doTERRA Lifelong Vitality.

6. Reduce stress in all areas of your life.

Harder said than done I know.  Some simple ways to reduce stress

  • Diffuse essential oils

  • Go to bed 30min earlier than normal

  • Drink more water

  • Reduce time spent on social media

  • Get together with friends in person regularly

  • Meditate

  • Eat well.

Choose two of these things and do them every day for 66 days (Habit Installation) and make sure you message me and let me know how much better you feel!

Anna Mabey
Well-Being Advocate and Mentor

+64 220720500