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How a Raumati man is changing Kapiti Real Estate?


Mary lost her husband suddenly, grieving terribly Mary was stuck.

Mary was alone and, in a home she knew she couldn’t afford.

She’d never bought or sold property before without her husband and didn’t know where to start. Mary’s family and friends had their own ideas but they weren’t necessarily what Mary wanted.

For Mary, it was hard just to get out of bed, let alone think about clearing out fifty years’ worth of memories from her home. Mary knew she had to move but she had nowhere to go.

Today Mary is a totally different person. She lives in a smaller home, surrounded by what’s important to her. Mary now feels secure and safe in her surroundings. How did Mary get there? Because despite the overwhelming sea of advice that rushed at her, Mary had read about Paul.

So she called him.

Paul helped Mary realise her potential.


Paul did three important things for Mary.

First, he sat down with Mary and clarified exactly what was important to her and then created an environment for Mary where she felt confident and relaxed in her options and choices.

Secondly, Paul ignored the “traditional way” of doing things and focussed on targeted online media, Mary didn’t have to think about it, Paul did it all.

Thirdly and most importantly, Paul included relevant clauses into Mary’s contract to protect her ensuring she had ample time to find a new place to live.

If you need a change of home and don’t know where to look, just start with a cuppa with Paul……Mary did!

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