What do you do if you find a fire at your place (work or home)?

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Because you are a person with forethought you have had the intelligence to purchase a Fire extinguisher and/or a Fire Blanket, well done

You have the means but do you have the knowhow to use these devices. Fortunately the instructions are on the items themselves and are simple to understand. We recommend that you read and understand the instructions and have your family understand the instructions so that if they are ever needed you can engage the fire quickly to minimise damage, of course if the fire is larger than you think you can handle get everyone out of the building ASAP and call 111.

If you would like more information about how to use a fire extinguisher see the article on our website here https://www.jimstestandtag.co.nz/how-to-use-a-fire-extinguisher.

For fire blankets the instructions on the container are all that is needed.

The Jim’s Fire Safety arm of Jim’s Test & Tag have access to a great range of Fire Extinguishers Fire Blankets and First Aid Kits, we would be happy to talk to you about getting your business or household set up with the items you need in case of emergency. You can make contact on 0800454654 and ask for fire services to be put through to your local Jim’s representative


We are running a promotion for current customers. To enter the draw please provide a review on our facebook page @jttwellingtonregion prizes are a Fire extinguisher or Fire blanket for your kitchen. Please like our page from your business page if you have one and provide a review. Entries close 30th June 2019 so be in to win.


Brian Martin


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A winter warning from Jims Test & Tag


Coming into the cooler months, now is the time we all look to warm things up in our homes and offices. If you are using an electric heater it is worth knowing that these must not be plugged into a power board/power outlet strip or into an extension cord. Most electric heaters draw much more current than most of the other devices in your home or office. This extra current draw can overload a power board or melt extension leads, either of these can lead to a fire.

Please make sure that any electric heater is plugged directly into a wall socket using only the cord connected to the heater. This cord has been designed to carry the current your heater requires to run for extended periods. Also make sure that the whole cord is unwound before use and is kept unwound while in use. And don't leave plug in heaters on while you are out of the house just in case, they do catch something on fire.

Keep your family safe this winter

Brian Martin
Kapiti Franchise Owner
Jims Test & Tag