Spring has Sprung!

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You only have to look around you to see that Spring has arrived. For many of us this is the best season – a time of freshness and new beginnings. Here are a few reasons that back up the theory that spring is not only a favourite time of the year, but it’s also good for us! 

Temperatures are moderate 

In New Zealand our daily temperatures rise from an average below 10 degrees in winter to a balmier 16-19 degrees. It can be challenging dressing for the day though. We often start the morning with a nippy 2 or 3 degrees, rising up quickly to 12 or 13. Layers are the best way to combat this problem because there’s nothing worse than being uncomfortably hot or cold. It’s always fun to dust off the lighter clothes and pack away the big winter jumpers. 

More Daylight 

If you are up early you will have noticed how much lighter, it is in the morning and that the sun is up way later! Daylight Savings Time will kick in on Sunday 29 September and then we’ll really notice the benefit of longer days.  A study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders in 2016 suggest that people’s mood can be directly affected by the amount of sunlight  they experience and that in spring this added natural light makes people feel better. This links with the condition of Seasonal Affective Disorder where people experience periods of depression during the dark, cold days of winter. 

You’re Safer 

A study from the United States suggest that as well as improving our mood, another unexpected consequence of Daylight Savings is that crime is reduced. The paper published in  “The Review of Economics and Statistics” in 2015 found that after Daylight Saving Time started in the spring, there was a 27 percent drop in robberies during that extra hour of evening sunlight, and a 7 percent drop over the course of the whole day. We are often leaving work to walk to our car or public transport after 5.00pm and most people feel safer walking in the daylight than in the dark. 

You can get outside 

Being able to get outside to exercise is one of the very best benefits of spring.

Research has found that taking walks in nature slows your heart rate and makes you more relaxed but also being able to get out for a run after work or take the dog down to the beach is just so much more pleasant than in winter.

A 2011 study found that, compared with an indoor workout, exercising outdoors in nature increased energy levels, made people feel revitalized, and decreased tension, among other positive effects. People who worked out in the fresh air also tended to say they enjoyed the experience more and would be likely to repeat it, suggesting that using nature as your gym might help you stick with your exercise regime.  

Baby Animals and Beautiful flowers 

Many animals reproduce when the weather is warmer, and food is plentiful. Lambs, calves, ducklings are so cute and you can’t help but feel cheered when you see cars stopping for a mother duck and her brood crossing the road! 

Flowers are blooming everywhere; blossoms are out and wherever you walk their sweet perfume surrounds you. Getting out in the garden is really therapeutic at this time of year when you really see your hard work come to fruition. 

You actually feel like spring cleaning! 

Spring cleaning can be very satisfying – systematically going through your clothes and getting rid of stuff you don’t use or want anymore; cleaning out the garage or garden shed – for some reason these tasks seem easier in the spring as you prepare for a long hot summer ahead. 

If you or someone needs some assistance with de-cluttering over spring, contact heather@timegenie.co.nz and we’ll make it happen!


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