Explore your way to wellbeing during Mental Health Awareness Week

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This year Mental Health Awareness Week will be held from Monday 23rd to Sunday 29th September 2019.

Despite the recent positive Government commitment towards improving mental health accessibility, the waiting list for individuals is unacceptably long and difficult to access.

Wellington has the longest waiting list for early intervention services in the country.  Currently 18% of primary aged school children have complex needs such as learning and behavioural challenges.  Of these only 3% currently receive funding support.

NZ has one of the worst suicide records in the developed world and often young children and teenagers cannot access help when it is desperately needed.

Medication is often considered the first line of intervention for children with complex needs leaving parents searching for non-medical therapy alternatives for their child.

One of the most successful options used recently is art therapy and multi-sensory rooms, which can be used to complement traditional mental health treatment.  Clinical research has shown that art therapy and sensory therapy are very successful in providing better outcomes for children with neurodiversity and complex needs. 

The aim of art therapy is to improve mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Art, is a relaxing and inspiring activity for many people. However, the particular benefits of artistic expression go much further than relaxation and enjoyment. Studies suggest that art therapy can be very valuable in treating issues such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and even some phobias. It is a great way to express your emotions without words, process complex feelings and find relief.

A qualified Art Therapist will help you to improve your personal wellbeing, to heal from past events and support you to make the changes needed to find personal happiness. 

Anyone who feels overwhelmed or pressured by the hectic world we live in should try art therapy to enable you to slow down and explore any issues you may be having. Art therapy improves the mental health of people who are dealing with addictions, anxiety, attention disorders, grief and loss, dementia, depression, eating disorders, physical illness, PTSD, trauma and much more.  Art therapy is not about becoming a great artist but about finding meaning and connection in your life. 

In January 2020, Kapiti Art Therapy will be opening a brand new multi-sensory room. This will provide parents, adults and health professionals with direct access to a sensory therapy. 

If you would like further information or would like to be invited to our open day on the 18thJanuary 2020, please contact Corinne:corinne@kapitiarttherapy.co.nz or visit our website www.KapitiArtTherapy.com


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