10 Top Tips to Beat Procrastination


We are probably all guilty of procrastinating sometimes but some people continually put things off, meaning they are not achieving what they could. That’s not good - personally or professionally. In an article by Nilifer Atik he says that people who continually procrastinate are unhappier, as well as being less healthy and wealthy compared with those who get things done promptly. Studies have also shown that procrastinators are more likely to make mistakes. However, experts insist that procrastinators can change their behaviour: it takes a lot of self-work but in the end it’s worth the effort – and start today, not tomorrow! Here are his ten top tips to change your behaviour and stop procrastinating forever!


1.    Next time you find yourself putting off a task, ask yourself ‘What make me decide to do this in the first place?’. If you don’t know the answer – don’t do it!

2.    For each task, ask yourself – should I do this, delegate it or dump it – and act accordingly.

3.    Take small steps – break down tasks to make them manageable.

4.    Get help – if you’re overwhelmed, ask an expert in (or a Time Genie!).

5.    Drop perfectionism – an imperfect step taken today is better than a perfect step never taken.

6.    Remove distractions – turn off the TV, switch phone to silent and truly focus.

7.    Recognise when you’re about to procrastinate and acknowledge it.

8.    Learn from the past – remind yourself of the frustration of not getting things done and the satisfaction when something is achieved.

9.    Be kind to yourself – don’t beat yourself up and forgive yourself if you do procrastinate

10.                        Visualise your ideal future – what one step could you take right now to move you towards it? Then Just. Do. It.


Full article by Nilifer Atik:https://www.telegraph.co.uk/lifestyle/wellbeing/mood-mind/11422554/How-to-stop-procrastinating-now.html

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