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Some people like to live life on the edge. They make decisions on the hoof and don’t like to be tied down to planning – especially for events way in the future. Others like to be very organised and know exactly what’s happening when. They don’t feel secure unless every i is dotted and t crossed and their diary is up to date for months in advance.  

Probably most of us fall somewhere in the middle. There are certainly times in your life when you can just take off for the weekend or decide spur of the moment to go to a fancy restaurant. Other times, for example when you are responsible for young children, not so much. Any outing of any kind takes a kind of milatary precision and organisation that most of us didn’t know about until there was no choice! 

Another time when planning is important is when you want to go somewhere or do something at the same time as everyone else. Now we are in August, and in the midst of winter, it seems counter intuitive to think about the summer holidays and Christmas. However, if you fancy a quiet beach house holiday in Nelson, Raglan or the Coromandal,  or an overseas holiday in December/January it is not too early to be looking and booking. What about your furry friends? If you get your act together you can ensure they have somewhere to go if they can’t come along with you. 

Sometimes it feels that summer holidays are too far in the future. How can you decide on dates when you don’t know what your family and friends are planning? The easy solution to this conundrum is be first. Choose some dates, book your holiday home/caravan/overseas trip and announce it to the whanau. They can then start fitting around you. 

Planning for a fun event over summer and Christmas is also a wonderful way to cheer yourself up as you huddle around the fire with the rain pelting down outside. It helps to remind you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Winter seems endless, but in a few short months the days will have lengthened and the sun will regain its warmth. 

Once you have planned, organised and booked your time away for you and your pets you can sit back and relax. You can enjoy watching others around you  panicking in November because anywhere they want to go is booked out...by people like you! 

If you need some assistance to get your Christmas holidays sorted, contact heather@timegenie.co.nz and we can magic up the time to make it happen!


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