Could you do with a Time Genie in your life?

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Some years ago, a novel I read started with the protagonist waiting in a queue to buy tickets to a rock concert (as you did back in the day before the internet was invented!). These were not for her but for a client, as she ran a personal concierge and errand service business. I remember nothing else about this story, but I slotted the business idea into the back of my head to be dusted off sometime in the future. Fast forward several years, a move to the Kapiti Coast and the desire to no longer commute into the city – and Time Genie was born! Coming from a teaching, management and project management background, I am well organised and efficient. I knew I could make this business work. 

So what exactly is a personal concierge and errand service? Basically it boils down to doing stuff for busy people. All major cities have them, there are several in Auckland and at least three in Wellington. Having been a commuter I knew that literally thousands of people leave Kapiti everyday to work in Wellington – leaving things at home that need attention. This is where Time Genie can step in to provide assistance and peace of mind. 

The definition of ‘stuff’is very wide, making this kind of business difficult to pigeon hole. Here is a list of some of the tasks Time Genie has undertaken over the first year of operation: 

  • companionship visiting of an elderly lady, taking her out for a drive and a cuppa twice a week, for her daughter who has a high powered job in town

  • phoning previous clients and scheduling appointments for a small business

  • managing an Airbnb property while the owner was away

  • feeding three cats over Christmas. One has a health condition and needed medication twice a day!

  • photographing and listing items on Trade Me

  • assisting a person who was selling her house to give it a good clean before it went on the market, then again prior to moving out

  • researching local gardening services/pet boarding/telephone answering services/online course platforms for clients who need the information but have no time to look

  • showing prospective tenants through rental properties for a property manager based in the Hutt but with a portfolio in Kapiti

  • assisting a local real estate agent to get on top of some overflowing admin

  • advertising and organising the recruiting of an admin person for a small local business 

Other Time Genie jobs I am keen to do include:

·         assisting anyone who is downsizing their living arrangements. Helping to decide what to get rid of and then taking items to charity shops, listing on Trade Me or investigating how best to sell antiques

·         supporting elderly people to stay at home by visiting, helping with meal preparation and laundry

·         researching or undertaking an environmental scan for any kind of project that someone wants to do but just seems too daunting. 

If you or someone you knows has too much to do and not enough time, or perhaps just needs some assistance to take the next step in life, contact or see our website and facebook page for more details.


Heather Knewstubb
Ph: 022 394 8493

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