Medium-term solution confirmed for Waikanae library and customer services

At the end of next week the Council will start work to kit out 9 Mahara Place (currently Artel’s Gallery) as the new location for its customer and library services in Waikanae for the next few years. 

“It’ll be a much more pleasant environment, with more books available, more room for browsing, and better customer facilities and services,” says Kāpiti Coast District Councillor Michael Scott.  

Mr Scott says the Council will continue with the lease until it is in a position to secure a permanent solution for library and customer services in Waikanae. 

“The option reflects the wishes of the community and local businesses to have a library located in the town centre, rather than somewhere on the outskirts of Waikanae.”   

“The Council made a real effort to keep these services going since the Waikanae library closed in December last year. While this isn’t a permanent solution, it’s a big improvement on what we've got and a real step forward.”   

“It’ll be around for a few years and will give the people of Waikanae the breathing space to talk about what new library and customer services might look like in the future.”   

“At this point we haven’t made any decisions about the future of the original library building.” 

James Jefferson, Group Manager Place and Space, says the library will open for business in mid-July and Council will spend the next couple of months preparing the building for operation. 

“Between now and the opening we’ll be working to upgrade the building’s security and carrying out a few minor renovations. We’ll also be re-carpeting, installing cabling to run the IT and customer services, and adding furniture.”



“I’d like to thank the Mahara Gallery team, who have agreed to continue hosting the pop-up until the opening. Libraries are at the heart of our communities and we’re grateful for all their support in helping us to keep these essential services running for Waikanae.”    


More information will be available on the Council’s website shortly.

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