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Handmaid specialises in hiring bohemian, rustic and vintage decor  for all occasions.  Through hiring from our eclectic collection of unique items, you can make your event off-beat boutique.
We can't always do it all ourselves, so let us give you a hand.  Call upon the skills of a handmaid so we can pour love into those bespoke handmade pieces that provide special touches just for you and your guests.

Perfect for vintage, bohemian and off-beat weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, baby showers, high teas, photo shoots and general-let's-have-a-damn-good-time parties!

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It's the small things that can maketh an event.  This is why we have collected or handmade all our 'special little things' to make your event unique.
Based on the beautiful Kapiti Coast but servicing the wider area, Handmaid was started when Charlotte became frustrated creating her own handmade wedding when searching for all those special little things that put your own mark on your event at a do-able price.    "Vintage" price tags carry a premium and even opshops are no longer a place you can always find a bargain!
She was also frustrated at the throw away industry with the proliferation of, well, let's not mince words, crap for weddings and other events.  Things just ain't made like they use to be - in design or function.  We believe in re-using and re-purposing items so that we tred lightly on the Earth and hiring does this perfectly.
We have talented handmaidens at the ready to help you - be it help with styling or to make bespoke items for your event.  Let us know what you need from us.


We believe in starting as we mean to go on...that's why Handmaid is committed from the start to be a socially responsible business.

Handmaid is founded on core values and principles of outstanding customer service and a commitment to our local and global communities.

While Handmaid is a small business, being small gives us no excuse not to give back in various ways.  We were told to wait until we were bigger or have more money but we believe we should all start now, even if it seems small.  It's personal.

So we're committed to giving time and money to places locally and globally that we feel passionate about.

Find out more about us visit www.handmaid.nz



Email: info@handmaid.nz
Phone Charlotte: 021 987 925