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Welcome to Grumpy Old Men - Kapiti

Starting from Sunday 30th of June 2019. The Grumpy Old Men project kicks off. Men from around the Kapiti / Horowhenua region who want to change but in a way that makes sense to them will gather fortnightly to get and stay on track. They will meet from 10am to 12noon at venues around the Kapiti Coast. They will come with different goals and will work with others who help keep each other on track. Everyone is different and a range of solutions will help tailor the best way to help each man get on track.

They will learn about how to make simple changes that will have an enormous impact of their life. They will start a journey that brings them lifelong happiness, health and companionship.

They will learn the skills to manage their lives, manage everyday stress and bring back that champion. But not because of what they have done, but because of what they are.

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