Belinda Falconar; Acupuncturist & Women’s Health Advocate 

Drion Pads made such a life-changing difference to my overall health and wellbeing, helping with my menstrual challenges and my transition through menopause, that I went into business to import & distribute Drion sanitary products throughout NZ.

I’m also a health professional, a practising acupuncturist, who often talks to groups of women on how they can improve their menstrual health, why pads are much more healthier than tampons and how it is that many women are unwittingly absorbing the toxic nasties contained in most other brands.

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Drion Sanitary Products - some key attributes;

Ultra Absorbent, Comfortable & Clean - Drion Pads are the most absorbent brand on the market. They feel warm, dry and comfortable to wear.  Even when absorbing up to 100mls fluid, there’s no bunching or slippage. Each pad is individually sealed & supplied in a re-sealable pack, which minimises the risk of bacterial infections commonly caused by unsealed products being exposed to heat & moisture in the bathroom, or a kept loose in a handbag.

Energetic Action Supports Healthy Menstrual Cycles - Drion Pads are technologically advanced, containing a green strip comprising ground tourmaline, negative ions and far infrared energy, which have a positive influence on mood and induce feelings of wellbeing and calm. The strip is also antibacterial, helps detoxify the body and avoid embarrassing moments by minimising odours.

Good for Women’s Health & Good for the Environment­ - Drion Pads are free of the toxic chemicals contained in most other brands. They are also hypoallergenic and biodegradable.

Supporting Vaginal Health  - Every Drion pack contains a FREE vaginal health PH test kit so women can monitor their vaginal health every month.

Last Longer & Cost Effective - Drion Pads can be worn for 6-8 hours and still feel clean and dry to wear. This means women don’t need to change pads as often and as fewer pads are required overall, they are a money saver.

Pregnancy - Mums can use Drion Pantiliners on a daily basis during pregnancy after the first trimester. They can also place them inside baby’s nappy for sore bottoms as well as using them as breast pads to help heal cracked nipples.

After Birth - Drion Pads are fantastic for mum’s due to their ultra absorbency and their ability to support natural healing. The pads can also be placed inside baby’s nappy overnight to draw away moisture, keeping baby more comfortable and calm, which in turn helps mum get a better nights sleep!

Menopause - Drion Pantiliners are helpful to use through the transition time of menopause. Used daily, women report feeling more at ease, positive & calm.

L B L - Drion pads and liners are also commonly used for light bladder leakage.

Feedback shared from women who consistently use Drion Pads is that they feel better, less tired and less stressed on their cycle. But don’t just rely on my word. Go to www.drion.nz for testimonials from women who share their own Drion experiences, view the absorbency test, gain more information and apply for FREE samples!