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Henry Kruger, Owner Operator of Click Quick

Henry Kruger, Owner Operator of Click Quick


Welcome to Click Quick, based at Copperfield Village in Paraparaumu Beach, on the stunning Kapiti Coast

At Click Quick, we are passionate about smart, scalable IT solutions, with a strong commitment to excellence in customer care.

As a small business ourselves, we know that your time is precious.  That’s why we work collaboratively with businesses to work out exactly where technology can help you save time and become more efficient, within the limitations of your specific budget.

We believe that technology and innovation should empower your business, not burden it.  Talk to Click Quick today for all your IT Business Solutions needs..

If you value integrity, patience, transparency and oodles of experience across a vast range of technology, it’s time for you to meet Henry Kruger, Business Solutions Consultant and Owner Operator of Click Quick, Paraparaumu.

With a strong commitment to honesty and trustworthiness, Henry is not the type of person to beat around the bush: by his own admission he sees things as very ‘black and white’, and is a straight shooter.  It’s this honest, down-to-earth approach that makes Henry such a valuable member of the team for a range of Kapiti Coast and Greater Wellington businesses.

As a 14 year old, growing up in Namibia and beginning to learn about computer systems, Henry would have occasion to call his ‘local’ IT support technician, who happened to live 400 kilometres away.  It was apparent to Henry that he needed to quickly learn for himself just how things worked, and how to fix things when they didn’t.

Henry believes that taking the time to impart knowledge and understanding are key in lowering the risk of incidents caused by ‘user error’.  Unlike some IT consultants, Henry is always happy to take the time to sit and patiently explain to clients exactly what he is doing and why, in such a way that a layman can usually understand the specifics of the issue, as well as the solution he will apply.

Click Quick – Helping You Work Smarter – Not Harder

Click Quick is your IT partner, working collaboratively with you on an ongoing basis to understand your business and its challenges, so we can identify technology to help streamline your processes, nurture your growth and realise your goals.

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